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Top 15 Most In-Demand Jobs In Canada​

As the world is on the path back to some form of normalcy after the pandemic, more and more people are returning to work. This includes countries like Canada. However, before one actually moves to a new country or a different part of the country (for Canadian residents) they should and likely would, consider their options. One of these points of inquiry is the question of in-demand jobs in Canada.

Why? You may ask, and the simple answer is that people want to take up a role that offers job security in the long-game. Knowing what the most in-demand jobs in a given geography are, helps you get an idea of the scope of your chances in your field of expertise. If things align, then building a career path for oneself in that field becomes relatively easier compared to other career paths that may not be as popular. Self-establishment is made that much easier with the help of staffing agencies.

With that in mind, in this article, we will cover some of the most in-demanded jobs in Canada. It should also be noted that this year there has been an increase in the demand for skilled labor jobs like welders, electricians, and so on. However, there are also roles for administrative positions like human resources, accounts managers, etc. Having said that, let’s jump right into the jobs.

1) Web Developers

The demand for web developers is on the rise and has been for quite some time due to the sheer scale of digitization that is happening across industries. This was further emphasized during the pandemic when more and more businesses needed to go online in order to survive.

Web Developers exist in small and large businesses alike. They are specialists who are involved in the development of web-based applications or programs for companies. It is also relatively easy for people in this field to acquire Canadian work permits.

Average Salary: $62K per Year (Glassdoor)
NOC Code:
Skill Level: A

2) Electrical and Electronics Engineers

There is always a need for Electrical engineers in any economy in this modern age. These specialists design, construct and test electrical systems big and small. It falls under their purview to make sure that our modern electrical systems run smoothly and safely. Hence, the demand.

Average Salary: $77K per Year (Glassdoor)
NOC Code:
Skill Level:

3) Human Resource Managers

If you think about it, the significance of a Human Resource Manager is quite high as any company would need them to make large-scale hires to add to their workforce. These are the team builders and add quantity and quality to the business.

Average Salary: $87K per Year (Glassdoor)
NOC Code: 0112
Skill Level: 0

Business Woman

4) Human Resources/Recruitment Officers​

Similar to the HR managers, Human Resource and Recruitment Officers have to undertake the massive task of supporting the staffing of the influx of candidates to meet the job demands in the country. In the other jobs that we talk about in this list, it is the recruiters who play a key role in filling them, making this one of the most in-demand jobs in Canada.

Average Salary: $62K per Year (Glassdoor)
NOC Code: 1223
Skill Level: B

5) Welder

Here is another skilled work position that is in high demand these days in Canada. The perk here is that you don’t necessarily need a college degree to become a welder, but the pay is good. To become a Welder you will need to have done an apprenticeship or vocational training, in some cases, both. Fair to say that there is also lots of room for growth in this field.

Average Salary: $61K per Year (Glassdoor)
NOC Code: 7237
Skill Level: B

“If you want to land the job of your dreams, always be punctual, well-presented, punctual and in control. – Brian Tracy, Canadian-American Motivational Speaker

6) Financial Advisors and Financial Officers

These career financial experts can find work anywhere from banks to private firms and they play an essential role. They advise people on how to manage their money. They are especially valued in the realm of investment performance where they help monitor and assess the investment portfolio.

Average Salary: $53K per Year (Glassdoor)
NOC: 0111 (Financial Managers), 1114 (Other Financial Officers)
Skill Level: 0 and A Respectively

7) Pharmacists

The medical industry is always fraught with high-demand jobs. Pharmacists in Canada can establish themselves and their businesses by collaborating with hospitals or becoming part of a chain. They are however provincially regulated and require degrees in Pharmacy, which is issued by the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (PEBC).

Average Salary: $103K per Year (Glassdoor)
NOC Code: 3131
Skill Level: A


8) Veterinarians​

Lately, the number of veterinarians is in short supply in the country, making this one of the most in-demand jobs in Canada. Given that the country and its people love their pets and even farm animals just as much as any other country, the demand is understandably high. This is another line of work that is provincially regulated and you do need a degree from veterinary school.

Average Salary: $100K per Year (Glassdoor)
NOC Code: 3114
Skill Level: A

9) General Laborers (Construction Trade Helpers and laborers)

These are the jobs that come under the ambit of construction, heavy manual labor, and other general skilled labor tasks. These jobs could include excavation experts, demolition duties, and so on.

Average Salary: $39K per Year (Glassdoor)
NOC Code: 7611
Skill Level: D

10) Aerospace Engineers

Aerospace Engineers work on the designing, research, testing, and development of aircraft and other related aerospace vehicles. Fair to say that you do need a degree for this line of work and there are many sub-categories when it comes to what aerospace engineer you can specialize as.

As the older generation retires, it is making more room in Canada for new engineers to take their place, this makes it one of the most in-demand jobs in Canada.

Average Salary: $85K per Year (Glassdoor)
NOC Code: 2146
Skill Level: A

11) Merchandisers

Merchandisers are responsible for everything it regards to handling a product from the moment it reaches a store. They handle inventory, product appearance, supply, and so on. They typically work with retailers like Walmart for example.

Average Salary: $36K per Year (Glassdoor)
NOC Code: 6222
Skill Level: B

12) Receptionists

Receptionists are often the first line of contact in many companies, big and small. They play a huge role in the day-to-day organizational abilities of a business and also are key in creating a good impression on prospective clients looking to do business with the company.

Average Salary: $36K per Year (Glassdoor)
NOC Code: 1414
Skill Level: C

13) Drivers

Drivers are present across all sectors of a country’s economy, from delivery truck drivers to long-haul drivers. Drivers in the commercial sector are especially in high demand for their ability to handle large vehicles and transport goods in big quantities.

Average Salary: $51K per Year (Truck Drivers)
NOC Code: 7511 (Transport Truck Drivers); 7521 (Heavy Equipment Operators (not cranes)); 7452 (Material Handlers)
Skill Level: C for all

“Turning your passion into your job is easier than finding a job that matches your passion. – Seth W. Godin, Ex Dot Com Business Exec.

14) Administrative Assistant

People in this field of work play a supportive role in accounts and other clerical tasks within an organization. Those who specialize in accounting have seen a more diversification of their career paths as they are in higher demand.

Average Salary: $45K per Year (Glassdoor)
NOC Code: 1241
Skill Level: B

15) Project Managers

These are one of those diversified career paths that are applicable across a wide range of industries. Managing a project requires them to have a diverse set of skills and flexibility. Project Management has been one of the most in-demand jobs in Canada for a long time. You would need a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification to work in Canada.

Average Salary: $84K per Year (Glassdoor)
NOC Code: 0211 (Engineering Managers); 0213 (Computer and Information Systems Managers); 0711 (Construction Managers)
Skill level: 0 for all

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