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Direct Hire Solutions:
Finding the Right Talent for Your Business

Are you struggling to find the right talent for your business? Are you tired of spending countless hours sifting through resumes, conducting interviews, and still coming up short? If so, then you’re not alone. Many businesses are facing the same challenge of finding and retaining top talent.

We at Pure Staffing Solutions know how important it is to have the right people working on your team. To help you find the ideal employee for your business, we provide direct hire solutions. 

How does Direct Hire work?

Direct hire, also known as permanent placement, is a recruiting service that assists businesses in selecting the ideal candidate for a permanent position. Direct hire, in contrast to temporary staffing solutions, focuses on locating candidates seeking long-term employment opportunities.

How Direct Hire Solutions Can Help Your Company

Gain Access to a More Extensive Talent Pool

By utilizing direct hire solutions, you will gain access to a more extensive talent pool. This is due to the fact that direct hire companies have a wider reach and are able to target both active and passive job seekers. As a result, you'll have a better chance of finding the ideal employee for your company.

Saves Time and Money

Recruiting can take a long time and be expensive. In the long run, direct hire will save you time and money. This is due to the fact that direct hire companies handle all aspects of the recruitment process, including finding candidates, reviewing resumes, and interviewing candidates. You'll have more time to concentrate on other important aspects of your business as a result.

Risk Reduction

Direct hire solutions can assist in lowering the probability of hiring the incorrect candidate. This is because direct hire companies have a thorough screening process to make sure candidates are a good fit for the job and the culture of the company. This lowers the likelihood of employee turnover and the associated costs.

Increased Rates of Retention

If you use direct hire solutions to hire the right candidate, you will have a better chance of keeping them for the long run. This is because the candidate will be a good fit for the job and the company's culture, which makes employees happier at work and keeps employees from leaving.

How PSS Can Help?

Pure Staffing Solutions specializes in direct hire solutions. Our group of seasoned recruiters has a track record of successfully locating the ideal candidate for our clients. We collaborate with you at every stage to ensure that we comprehend your company’s requirements and locate the ideal solution for your business.

PSS is an active participant in ACSESS, the leading Employment Staffing Association in Canada. We are able to provide our customers with the highest level of service because of our membership in ACSESS, which ensures that we are up to date on the most recent industry standards and regulations.

The steps in our direct hire process are as follows:

Needs Assessment

We begin by assessing your company's requirements and comprehending the position for which you are hiring. This assists us in determining the essential experience and skills required for the position.

Candidate Sourcing

We use job boards and social media, and also leverage our comprehensive database of over 250K resumes to identify potential candidates who may be a good fit for your organization.


All candidates are evaluated to see if they meet the position's requirements. After that, we conduct in-depth interviews to determine their suitability for the position, experience, and skills.

Candidate Presentation

A shortlist of qualified candidates is presented to you for your consideration. In addition, we will provide you with a comprehensive report on each candidate, outlining their advantages, disadvantages, and suitability for your organization.

Offer Negotiation and Onboarding

A successful offer negotiation and onboarding process can lead to a positive and long-lasting employment relationship between the employer and employee, ultimately contributing to the success of the company.

Direct Hire Capability

Millwrights, Electricians, Pipefitters, Tool & Die Makers, Machinists, Instrumentation Technicians, Controls Technicians, Welders, Scaffolders, Chief Power/Operating Engineers, Carpenters, Plumbers, Heavy Duty Mechanics, Truck & Coach Mechanics, Ironworkers, Powerline Technicians, Robotics Technicians, PLC Programmers, Robot Programmers, Steamfitters, Packaging Mechanics, Maintenance Lead Hands, Maintenance Supervisors, Maintenance Managers. Chief Power Engineers, 1st Class Power Engineers, 2nd Class Power Engineers, 3rd Class Power Engineers, 4th Class Power Engineers, Line Operators, Machine Operators, Light Industrial Workers, General Labour, HACCP Co-ordinators, Lead Hands, Production Supervisors, Production Managers, Controllers, Buyers, Plant Managers, General Managers, Project Managers, Program Managers, Forklift Drivers, Shippers, Receivers, Warehouse Supervisors, Warehouse Managers, Materials Supervisors, Materials Managers, Set-up Technicians, QA Technicians, QC Technicians, Supply Chain Manager, Spray Painters, Environmental, Health and Safety Managers, Press Operators, Heavy Equipment Operators. Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Design Engineers, Process Engineers, Industrial Engineers, Manufacturing Engineers, Quality Engineers, Reliability Engineers, Aerospace Engineers, Nuclear Engineers, Civil Engineers, Structural Engineers, Chemical Engineers, Electronic Engineers, Electromechanical Engineers, Environmental Engineers, Mining Engineers, Geological Engineers, Metallurgical Engineers, Marine Engineers, Petroleum Engineers.

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