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Certification Programs in Canada that Can Give You an Edge

There are a variety of top certification programs in Canada that pay well. In this article, we will specifically have a look at most in-demand jobs in Canada in 2021, for which you only need to commit a year or so to get certified. The advantage of certificate programs is that they pay really well and are abundantly available. Whether you are a first-time job-seeker or a veteran in the industry, there is something for everyone.

In recent years, Canada has become the go-to job market for many, both native and immigrants. One reason is the booming industries that have paved the way for the growing demand for skilled trade and administrative workers in the country. The surplus of vacancies and the lack of people to fill said positions have left a vacuum of sorts, and as a result, there are many jobs and related courses that are in high demand in Canada these days. Add to the fact that it’s a rapidly developing foreign nation with the world’s 10th largest economy as of 2021, and you have yourself a winning recipe for a dream career destination.

Some of the highest paying jobs in can be undertaken by completing one-year certification programs in Canada. All the programs listed in this article can be completed in a year or so and do not require you to have any prior work experience or any additional education above the high school level. These jobs can range from trade in technology, healthcare, the arts, and even law enforcement!

1) Web Design and Development

It’s no surprise that web designing is so high up on the list. The fact of the matter is, since the arrival of digitization, a lot of businesses have shifted their service offerings and presence to an online platform. Most customers these days prefer to visit the official business website as opposed to the physical store. The Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown all but emphasized this trend. Web designers and developers need to have the right balance of creativity and technical knowledge. All you need to get into this field is a willingness to learn. Completing certification programs in Canada for this line of work can open a myriad of doors to you!

Average Pay (Glassdoor): $54K per year

Web Designing

2) Drafting technician

These professionals use specialized computer software to prepare and develop technical designs and drawings. They often work in areas related to architecture, engineering, or interior designing. Drafting technicians use computer-aided designs (CAD) to convert concepts into functional digital designs. If you have an aptitude for mathematics and applied mechanics you could see a great deal of success in this field. The certificate courses will prepare you for related designing techniques, building codes and in less than a year you could join an architectural firm or manufacturing company.

Average Pay (Glassdoor): $53K per year

3) Telecommunications Technician

In the last two decades, the world has rapidly shifted to incorporate a heavy reliance on wireless technology and long-distance connectivity. This means that telecommunications experts are in high demand. These individuals work to design, install, repair and maintain telecommunications technology such as satellite communication equipment, cell towers, fiber-optic cables, and more. With one certificate you could gain a strong foundation and get your foot in the door of the profession.

Average Salary (Glassdoor): $57K per year

4) Music Producer

If you’re a little more artistically inclined and want to go into producing music, you can definitely take this route. With the help of certification programs in Canada, you can learn the basics of recording, mixing, producing, and marketing your music! At the end of the day, it is a massive industry and new artists are making a name for themselves every day. So, why not you? The advantage of taking on such a course is that you can even get an understanding of the industry, the market, and how recording artists are managed and promoted.

Average Salary (Glassdoor): $60K per year

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end. – Lucius Annaeus Seneca the Younger, Roman Stoic philosopher

5) Makeup Artist

Makeup artists have been in high demand in a variety of different fields. Whether it’s touching up a news anchor, making the blushing bride look her best on the most important day of her life, or making an actor look like an action star, there is no shortage of opportunity. There are specific training programs that prepare you for the field you want to go into. These certification programs in Canada cover topics such as color theory, sterilization methods, facial structures, and how to adapt your technique to suit your client’s needs.

Average Salary (Glassdoor): $37K per year

6) Flight Attendant

Most of us would have dreamt of traveling the world at one point or another. Well, in this profession, you can! As a flight attendant, you can learn the necessary communication skills, aircraft safety and security procedures, customer service etiquette, and so on. Of course, there is a whole different training process that is conducted by the airlines themselves, but with the completion of the certificate course, you would be more well-prepared. Yes, it really is that simple to punch your ticket to travel the world! However, there is no guarantee that the process itself would be easy, that would be more of a subjective experience.

Average Salary (Glassdoor): $32K per year

7) 911 Dispatcher

While we often say that the police, the EMT, or fire-fighters are the first responders, it’s not entirely accurate. If you think about it, 911 operators are the first responders. It falls to them to answer to emergency situations, then they have to assess the situation, coordinate with police, the fire department, or ambulance services and dispatch them as needed. All this has to be done within a matter of minutes.
Sure, it is a lot of responsibility, but that’s the job. With the help of a relatively short certification program, you can learn about the appropriate procedures, communication skills, and the confidence needed to do this job properly.

Average Salary (Glassdoor): $64K per year (depending on the area in Canada)

911 Dispatcher

8) Animator

A lot of us basically grew up on Disney animated classics. In fact, the animation industry has a huge market, with new shows coming out every other month for kids and adults alike. With a simple certification course, you too can get into this field. Learn the basics of animation techniques and if you do get a break, your animations could be featured in movies, TV shows, or even video games. However, undertaking certification programs in Canada is just the first step to getting through the door. If you really want to make it big time, then consider applying to a diploma program that will help you develop and specialize in those skills for specific industries.

Average Salary (Glassdoor): $58K per year

9) Dental Assistant

While dentistry is a long and hard process, the path to becoming a dental assistant is a little easier. Many schools in Canada offer one-year certificate programs that pay well for individuals who elect for this fiedl. These courses get students ready to work in dental offices as assistants. Day-to-day responsibilities could include basic lab duties, assisting in procedures, and teaching patients about oral hygiene.

First, you need to complete your training period and then get your certification by clearing the exam administered by the National Dental Assisting Examining Board. This qualification is needed everywhere in Canada, except the province of Quebec, however, this is due to the fact that dental assistants won’t be allowed to perform intra-oral duties, according to information from Job Banks. These certification programs can last anywhere from eight months to a year.

Average Salary (Glassdoor): $45K per year

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. – Eleanor Roosevelt, Former First-Lady of the United States

10) Event Planner

It may sound like an easy profession, but the high degree of organizational skills needed to execute an event successfully makes this a tough job. From booking to budgeting, venue decorations, guest listing, lodging, and event coordinating with the caterer for food. It’s a monumental task, to say the least.
However, if you have a passion and a knack for this line of work, a short training program can help you get started by planning family events like weddings or reunions, and gradually, you could climb the ladder and establish a good-sized event management company for yourself!

Average Salary (Glassdoor): $46K per year (this is just an average; the scale of your operations is the real determiner)

So, there you have it, if you want a high paying job in Canada, these are some of your best options. All you have to do, is find a certificate course that gives you all the necessary tools to start off your career and sets you on the path to turning your passion into a profession!

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