Best Canadian Temporary Jobs to Look for in 2022

Are you stuck and can’t make up your mind about what job you should take up? Temporary jobs may be the solution to your problem or at least will buy you more time till you decide. Taking up a temp job will also be beneficial in adding to the experience you have and you may learn new skills as well.

Companies suffered great losses during the pandemic and are now considering taking on more temporary staff instead of hiring full-time employees. Taking on a short-term, project-based, or temporary employment through a staffing agency can prove to be a great decision. It can help you reach your career goals in ways you may have not imagined. Here are some of the top temporary jobs you can consider or suggest to people who are searching for opportunities.

A lab technician is responsible for and will be expected to perform a variety of laboratory procedures under the supervision of a lead. The qualifications for this temporary job require candidates to have a certification or registration as a Laboratory Technician. Prior experience in the field is also desirable.

Candidates also require good oral and written communication skills, the ability to be flexible, good manual dexterity and visual interpretation skills, and critical thinking skills. Apart from assisting with laboratory procedures, lab technicians will also be able to operate and take care of laboratory equipment.

Machine Operator​

If you are good at handling machines and have a knack for machine operation, then these are the sort of temporary jobs for you. The duties are fairly simple and would include being able to operate the machine as instructed. Continuous monitoring and observation to ensure that the product meets quality standards will also be part of the responsibilities. There are no special qualifications required for this job, but a High School Diploma or equivalent certification is desirable along with prior experience in a similar role.

Temporary jobs machine operator

HR Administrator

An HR administrator provides front-line support to managers, supervisors, and staff. This would include helping staff in a variety of functional areas of human resources including payroll and benefits, HR policies and procedures, employee relations, and administrations.

Candidates are required to have Bachelors’ or College qualification in Human Resources Management. Prior knowledge of the field and strong organizational skills clubbed with the ability to juggle multiple projects are desirable skills a candidate should have.

“The key is not spending time, but in investing it.”  – Stephen R. Covey, American Educator

Temporary jobs forklift operator

Forklift Operator​

A forklift operator has a fairly simple job. The only qualification required for this temporary job is training on how to operate a counterbalanced forklift. 

The skills required for this job include having the ability to weigh materials and goods, load/unload and move products/materials. Another requirement is that the candidate should also be able to organize and maintain inventory.

Store Clerk

A store clerk’s duties can range from restocking shelves to helping with logistics and other necessities around the store. These temporary jobs may require the employee to be on their feet for long hours. Candidates do not require any special qualifications but need to have excellent communication skills and need to have the ability to work with a team.

Maintaining product quality by conducting regular checks and product rotation will also be part of the responsibilities of this role. The candidate should also be able to adhere to a dress code (if any) and should prove to be consistently dependable.

Production Associate

This temporary job requires you to have good problem-solving skills and technical knowledge of the field. A production associate will work as a member of a team and will be expected to assist with various projects.

Proficiency in the basic operation of a computer is also required. The candidate should be able to lift heavy objects, walk or stand for long periods of time and perform physical labour. The work may sometimes require you to stay overtime to meet customer needs.

Mechanical Assembler

If you are okay with working in a noisy, fast-paced environment and can handle heavy loads, then this is the temp job for you! A mechanical assembler is required to do a lot of physical labour, like positioning, aligning, and adjusting parts for proper fit and assembly. The candidate should be able to read and interpret blueprints flawlessly. They should also be able to inspect finished products for proper functioning.

This job requires the candidate to be reliable and be able to work with a team. Prior experience in this field or something similar is desirable. The ability to handle a variety of hand tools will also come in handy on this job.

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