7 Benefits of Hiring Temporary Workers for Your Cause

Today, we will be talking about temporary workers and the benefits of hiring them. But, before we can do that, we need to have a look at the bigger picture and where they fit in. At some point or another, during the business life cycle, there will be some need for extra help. It is a near certainty. The very nature of businesses is to grow and expand their reach and capacity. They also need to grow to meet the market demand that may arise for a particular industry, product or service.

To tell you the truth, there could be a million reasons why a company wants to expand or grow. More often than not, the go-to solution for many businesses is to push their existing staff harder to combat increasing workloads. Many employers do this with the belief that it would be more cost-effective. They believe it would be more efficient than hiring more employees and training them up.

The ground reality couldn’t be further from the truth. It is cheaper to hire temporary workers in the long run! Yes, you read that right folks. It would actually be more economical for you to hire temp talent. Think about it, once you factor in things like statutory taxes, benefit costs, administrative expenses and so on, the expenses start piling on.

The monetary expense is just one of the benefits of hiring temporary workers. Temps are great resources that aid employers in navigating difficult periods of high demand. They also aid in expansion, scaling, project-wise work and so on. Keep in mind that different employers might have different expectations when it comes to hiring temporary workers. In the list of benefits below, we will tell you as it is, so that you know exactly what to expect, in terms of benefits, before you dive in. So, that begs the question: What exactly are the benefits? Well, let’s have a look, shall we?

1) Increased productivity

You know that feeling when you just start a new job and have this huge reserve of focus and energy to get things done? Well, that is a temporary worker on every job. They are goal-oriented and focused in the short time frame that they are with you. They are also less likely to become idle. This is mainly because they aren’t with you long enough to be complacent. You need to consider that you would be hiring them in a period where demand and workload are high.

2) Allows You to Hire More Selectively

Now, this is not to say that full-time employees are not specialized. They can be specialists, but at the end of the day, they are hired for a broader range of activities.

A temporary worker, on the other hand, can be a specialist. What’s more, if you consult with a top-notch staffing agency like Pure Staffing Solutions, you can select temp workers with the exact skill set to match your needs and goals. Why go searching in the dark, when you can hit the target with unparalleled accuracy!

Hire temporary workers more selectively

3) Hiring a Temp Worker Comes with a Built-in Trial Period

When you hire permanent employees, they are usually put on a probationary period. Even after that, if it doesn’t work out, the process of hiring another person in their place and training them up is time-consuming, not to mention expensive. The major advantage of hiring temporary workers is that there is a built-in trial period.

The fact that these employees also come with industry-relevant expertise means that you don’t have to put in as much extra effort to bridge knowledge/skill gaps. They can also be short-term or they can be transitioned into full-time work. If you have a good experience with a temp worker, there is no reason you can’t just give them a permanent placement or contract.

As a bonus, you also get to cut out the process of creating a job ad, interviewing more candidates, or sifting through mountains of resumes. It just makes life a little easier don’t you think? This is a valuable benefit in a time where you need every advantage you can get.

4) Shorter Hiring Process

The process for hiring and onboarding contract or temporary workers is faster. For one, you are hiring them for an immediate purpose. You hire them so that the job gets done. This means the criteria are based largely on the skills they have and what they can bring to the table rather than making sure the cultural fit is perfect. It’s a little more straightforward.

“I hire people brighter than me and then I get out of their way.” – lee Iacocca, American Business Executive

5) Reduced Long-Term Labour Costs

When you bring on employees for a fixed period, you don’t need to worry about putting an annual salary package in place. You also don’t have to spend capital on learning or developmental resources to upskill these employees, as we mentioned before. When you add up all these expenses, you save more money than you spend in the long term. As an added bonus you also reap the rewards of a more simplified payroll since the company won’t deal with that, rather it would fall to the agency which facilitated the temporary employment of those workers.

See immediate impacts with temporary workers

6) You get an immediate impact

As we mentioned before, temporary workers are there to do a job. The minute they land in the company, they get to work and waste little, to no time. You don’t have to spend weeks familiarizing them with every single member of the team or each aspect of the business. They won’t be around forever! Having said that, they should be given somewhat of an onboarding process to soften their landing and help move things along smoothly. The results you will see from hiring a temp worker are nearly immediate in most cases. Think of it like a tactical operation carried out by a special ops team.

7) You Get to Onboard People with Fresh Perspectives

You might have heard of the saying: “Sometimes you have to take a step back to move forward.” Well, this applies very much in the world of business. Sometimes we get so close to the problem that it adds unnecessary hurdles to the path. Just hiring a temporary worker would bring in a fresh set of eyes on the problem and of course, solutions as well. Temps often have a history of working with different companies and some even across different industries. This brings a world of experience and insight to your team. This is an invaluable asset when you are faced with an issue like scaling, growth, expansion, season project deadlines and so much more.

So, there it is – some of the major benefits you reap when you hire a temporary worker. There are plenty of other benefits and there can be cons as well, but that’s why you have to do it right when you do it. Hence, we would recommend that you partner with a staffing agency like Pure Staffing Solutions to get you started on the right path! Check out our website for more information.

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