6 Tips to Turn a Temporary Job into a Permanent One

Let’s consider this scenario: You have taken up a temp job. Landing a temp job may not have been your ‘Plan A’, but it is where you seem to have ended up nonetheless. As a temporary job, it pays the bills. Love it or hate it, temporary jobs can be real lifesavers at times. This is why they are called ‘survival jobs’. The reason why temp job hires are becoming a go-to staffing solution for companies is that it’s efficient. Relying on temporary job hires allows companies to meet the seasonal demands without increasing their full-time employee count.

The short-term nature of it means there isn’t any long-term fallout or risks or capital investments that the company has to worry about. This also carries an advantage for employees. They can test the waters in several companies or job positions to see what works for them. Now, if you are someone who wants to take it a step further and move towards a more permanent position, then this is the blog for you. Here we talk about some of the best ways to turn your temporary job into a more long-term position.

You know that old saying about how your first impression should be your best, well it’s true. Treat your first day at the temporary job as day one of your permanent job. Ask your boss about the dress code, make the effort to make it to work a little early, and bring all the necessary equipment with you.

Show everyone at the workplace that you are there to do serious work and you intend to commit to it. Bosses like to hire employees that they can count on. If you can convince them on day one that you are this type of person, then you’re one step closer to that permanent position.

2. Learn About the Company

One surefire way to impress employers is to come in with a thorough knowledge of the company. We don’t mean just what’s written on the ‘About Us’ page of the website. Do a deep dive and learn who they cater to, who the competition is. Look into what market the business is into as well as their mission and values. Knowing all this shows the employer that you intend to invest long-term in the company and that you are making an effort to understand your role within the bigger picture of the business.

3. Maximize Your Shift Time

From the time you clock into the time you wrap up your shift, try to make the most of your time. Being on time and leaving on time is great and all, but going that extra mile and taking the time to complete your tasks for the day and wrapping things up goes a long way. If you finish early, then great!

Ask your supervisor if there is anything else that you can help with. This shows them that you are dependable and hard-working; traits they look for in a permanent employee.

Time management is crucial in a temporary job

4. Learn Beyond Your Role

Coming in as a temp worker means that there is a lot to learn about your role, let alone the roles of others in the company. However, if you make the effort to go out of your way and learn about supporting job roles, you arm yourself with something special – a diverse skill set.

Some companies have these programs or periods where new employees can shadow the more experienced ones. This is a prime opportunity to learn everything you can about your role as well as other complementary jobs. So, when the time does come when a permanent position is open, you have the skills to step up, even if it is into a role you didn’t originally sign up for.

“Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible” – Frank Zappa, American Musician

Socializing get you ahead with a temporary job

5. Network, Network, Network

Work isn’t the only domain that allows you the opportunity to make a good impression and secure that job. Social events play just as important a role, both in the company and beyond. Let’s think about this: the best way to fit into a company’s culture is to get to know your peers. Coffee breaks and lunch breaks, the occasional chat around the office or work floor; are all great opportunities to get to know them.

Making a good impression on people and winning them does wonders for your opportunities down the road.

Even if you didn’t manage to land that permanent position, there is still a good likelihood that your contacts will act as a bridge to better opportunities at your next company. Having a long list of contacts to call upon is your biggest asset, especially when starting with a temporary job.

6. Be Open about Your End-Goals

It’s good to have a goal; something that you work towards. However, it is important to keep an open mind. If you are gunning for a permanent position, then be sure to communicate that with your future/potential employer or staffing agency. At the same time, also ask around about policies about transitioning from a temporary job to a permanent position. Be flexible and don’t be afraid to take the route of moving from a temp job to the one you want.

At the end of the day, taking on a temporary job could be one of the smartest ways of landing a permanent employment opportunity, especially in a country like Canada. Canadian employers look for something called Canadian work experience. This means that before they can hire you, they need to see that you have experience working for the industries in the country – temp jobs can give you this. When it’s all said and done, ask yourself: Would an employer hire a person they met once or twice in interviews, or a temp that they worked with before and trust? Food for thought.

You should also know that we here at Pure Staffing Solutions have a dedicated team for temp jobs. Being industry experts, they are ideally positioned to help you land your next temp job. Who knows, from there, the possibilities are endless! Get in touch with us at [email protected] or call us at 855-583-7873.

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