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Top 15 Highly-Demanded Jobs in Canada

With the world’s economies teetering on the edge of recovery in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, the job market the world over, even in Canada has seen a major shift. Many professions are in high demand now. However, there still lies the challenge of securing these jobs. That is why we here at Pure Staffing Solutions Inc have compiled a second part to our topmost in-demand jobs in Canada. The key to finding a job that fits you is to know where to start looking. This compact list will get you started in the right direction. Without further delay, let’s dive in.

1) Business Development Officers, Market Researchers and Consultants

Accounts Managers are essentially liaisons between companies and their customers. Building and maintaining that relationship is one of their core priorities. In Canada, there is a high demand for account managers who have a specialization in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. This is again a profession that is in demand across various industries.

Average Salary: $58K per Year (Glassdoor)
NOC Code: 4163
Skill Level: A

2) Business Development Manager

As far as in demand jobs in Canada for immigrants go, this is yet another high-demand job. Business Development Managers help in the day-to-day operations of a business and they also help maintain customer/client relationships with the company. In any business, such a role plays a pivotal part in the growth of the company and sustained operations as well. They also come under the same classification as Account Managers as per the National Occupational Classification Code Indexing.

Average Salary: $70K per Year (Glassdoor)
NOC Code: 4163
Skill Level: A

3) General Accountants

These roles refer to professionals with expertise in the financial realm. Apart from book-keeping and other such activities, Accountants are crucial for annual audits, overseeing budgets, as well as the company’s revenue and expenditure. Being a general field, there are many sub-categories of diversified fields within accounting including the aforementioned auditing, taxation, payrolls and so on. While these jobs are in high demand, your chances go up if you are a certified Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA).

General Accountants

Average Salary: $56K per Year (Glassdoor)

NOC Code: 0111 (Financial Managers); 1111 (Financial Auditors and Accountants)

Skill Level: 0 and A respectively

4) Registered Nurses and Registered Psychiatric Nurses

As we mentioned before, most professions in the medical field are in high demand. In Canada the demand for Registered Nurses is high, this is in line with Canada’s famously high healthcare standards. To become a professional in this field you need to have a bachelor’s degree and as the name suggests, be formally registered as a nurse.

Average Salary: $92K per Year (Glassdoor)
NOC Code: 3012
Skill Level: A

5) University Professors and Lecturers

Education is a innately important aspect for the development and growth of any society. It should be noted that becoming a professor in a Canadian university or college is no easy task. With the hard path to attaining this title, you also could see a really good pay scale along with other benefits like free employee tuition, tenure and so on.

Average Salary: $150K per Year (Glassdoor)
NOC Code: 4011
Skill Level: A

“You can’t just sit there and wait for people to give you that golden dream, you’ve got to get out there and make it happen for yourself. – Diana Ross, American Singer

6) Software Engineers and Designers

In recent years the demand for software engineers and designers has shot up significantly. Nowadays since nearly every company has to rely heavily on software and computers software engineers have begun to play an equally pivotal role in getting such businesses active in the digital domain. A software engineer in Canada should preferably have a master’s in coding and app designing. It gives you a better chance at landing such a high-demand job in Canada.

Average Salary: $85K per Year (Glassdoor)
NOC Code: 2173
Skill Level: A

7) Industrial Electricians

Circling back to the skilled labor jobs, we have the Industrial Electricians. It should be noted that people in this line of work are paid particularly well in certain parts of the country that are more industrialized as opposed to others. So, it varies.

Average Salary: $68K per Year (Glassdoor)
NOC Code: 7242
Skill Level: B

Heavy-Duty Equipment Mechanics

8) Heavy-Duty Equipment Mechanics

Heavy-duty equipment mechanics are the ones you turn to for the repairing, maintaining, and operations of large-scale industrial machinery. This can range from mining to energy, manufacturing, and so on. With Canada having such a huge market for skilled workers, it makes this profession one of the most highly demanded jobs in the country.

Average Salary: $78K per Year (Glassdoor)
NOC Code: 7312
Skill Level: B

9) Sales and Account Representatives

These sales professionals are crucial in the retail industry. They have a direct impact on sales to customers as well as B2B (Business to Business) sales. In any business dealing in goods or services to the public, sales makes up a big part of the business, hence the value and demand for such professionals in this field.

Average Salary: $36K per Year (Glassdoor)
NOC Code: 6411
Skill Level: C

10) Opticians

According to a 2016 ‘Light and Eyewear’ survey that was conducted byWakefield Research for Transitions Optical, Inc., it was revealed that around 55 per cent of the Canadian population wears eyeglasses. Though that data is old, even then it was more than half the population. This justifies the intense demand for Opticians in the country.
Opticians in Canada need to pass the National Optical Sciences Examinations and register themselves with their provincial or territorial regulatory bodies.

Average Salary: $51K per Year (Glassdoor)
NOC Code: 3231
Skill Level: B

11) Information Systems Analysts and Consultants

These professionals analyze systems and the accompanying requirements. They also develop and implement information systems, development plans, policies, and procedures. They are usually employed by information technology (IT) companies as consultants to provide advice on a wide range of information systems issues. There is a demand for such professionals in Canada in both the public and private sectors.

Average Salary: $86K per Year (Glassdoor)
NOC Code: 2171
Skill Level: A

12) Computer Programmers and Interactive Media Developers

This field essentially refers to computer programmers and mobile app developers. They create, modify and test computer code computers and software applications. They also work with data processing applications, operating systems and communications software.
Interactive media developers do all the same things but they work primarily in computer gaming, films, videos and other interactive media. Both fields have heavy demand in the public and private sectors in Canada.

Average Salary: $68K per Year (
NOC Code: 2174
Skill Level: A

13) Database Analysts and Data Administrators

The Database Analysts handle the designing, development and administration of data management solutions using database management software. The Data administrators on the other hand handle the implementation of policy, standards and models when it comes to data management. It is yet another profession with high demand in the IT industry, both in the public and private sectors.

Average Salary: $83K per Year (Glassdoor)
NOC Code: 2172
Skill Level: A

“It was a high counsel that I once heard given to a young person, ‘Always do what you are afraid to do.’ – Ralph Waldo Emerson

14) Managers in Transportation (Logistics)

Managers in transportation oversee the planning, organizing, directing, controlling and evaluation of the transportation operations of companies. This includes working with different modes of transportation like railways, airlines, buses, municipal transit systems, shipping lines and trucking companies.

In the day-to-day operations any business that has goods, be it a courier service or a grocery store, needs to have a well-planned transportation system in place. That is where these professionals come in. There is always a need for such individuals and with the re-opening of the global transit system following the initial Covid-19 Lockdown, it makes sense why there is such a high demand for these individuals.

Average Salary: $82k per Year (Glassdoor)
NOC Code: 0731
Skill Level: 0

15) Home Support Workers and Senior Citizen Health Support Workers

Home support workers provide personal care and companionship for senior citizens, people with disabilities and so on. As the name of the profession suggests, this care is provided in the client’s residence itself. These individuals can be employed under support agencies, private households or they can even be freelance agents with their own roster of clients.

Average Salary: $40k per Year (Glassdoor)
NOC Code: 4412
Skill Level: C

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