Different Warehouse Opportunities to be Aware of in 2022

Warehouse work is often recommended by many, but not everyone understands the opportunities available in this line of work. There are many types of warehouse positions and those interested can check if they have the required skill set for a particular opportunity. Warehouse opportunities offer flexibility, variety, and lots of opportunities for growth. It is also an industry that is continuously expanding.

As e-commerce grows and online retail becomes more popular, warehouses are in increasingly high demand. Since warehouses are always so busy, they are always hiring, and to keep up with the demand, they have plenty of opportunities for overtime. Understanding the different warehouse positions and opportunities in the warehouse industry will definitely help you figure out how you should go forward.

Warehouse Associate

A warehouse associate performs general tasks for their supervisors. In some cases, you can also apply for this job at the entry level. The type of tasks included under this designation would include things like picking and packing orders, loading shipments, and taking inventory. Candidates with some experience or training can also apply for these opportunities.

A warehouse associate is expected to be hard-working to help the other workers in the warehouse meet the demand efficiently. Being organized, and having the ability to keep good records of incoming and outgoing stock is a highly valued skill that they should have. They will also need to ensure inventory levels remain steady.

Warehouse Manager

A warehouse manager position is not available to everyone. You will only be eligible for this management position after you have accumulated a significant amount of experience in the industry. Warehouse managers will oversee and even participate in tasks in all the different warehouse positionsThey will also be actively involved in activities like operating motor vehicles, overseeing inventory management, and supervising teams of warehouse associates as well as shipping and receiving specialists.

Warehouse opportunities manager

General Labourer

The position of a general labourer is great for people who are brand new to warehouse work. These positions are easy to acquire as you don’t need any prior training. As a general labourer you get to learn on the job. As long as you’re good at performing basic labour tasks and picking up new skills, you are likely to qualify for these positions.

General labourers have to perform the tasks assigned to them by warehouse associates and managers. Their tasks vary due to the variety of settings throughout the warehouse. This would include maintenance, debris removal, janitorial services, cleaning services, lifting materials, using tools, and more.

“The best way to learn is by doing. The only way to build a strong work ethic is getting your hands dirty.” – Alex Spanos, American real estate developer

Warehouse opportunities forklift

Forklift Operator

Forklift operators carry out the task of moving shipments from one location to another within the premises of the warehouse. Shipment inventory needs to be moved from its delivery location to the appropriate storage space. Outgoing inventory also needs to be transferred to the loading dock.

Sometimes forklift operators work along with other staff in the warehouse. They may have to organize inventory or move items that are located on high shelves. Unlike other jobs in the warehouse, this warehouse position requires specialized training. Many forklift operators also find it beneficial to get a forklift license.

Material handler

A material handler helps with the process of picking, packing, and inventory management. They need to be trained to operate a forklift and in some cases, forklift operators see the transition to the material handler as a promotion. This is because material handlers also drive other motor vehicles around the warehouse such as cherry pickers, pallet trucks and industrial lift trucks. Material handlers also need to be expert pallet stackers as they will use both manual and automatic packing machines in the course of their work.

Shipping and receiving specialist

These workers play the most essential role amongst the listed warehouse positions. They are in charge of receiving, picking and packing orders and shipments. If you are aiming to be a warehouse manager in the future, this is a great position to aspire to first. Through this warehouse position, you will get management experience as you organize orders, verify inventory, contribute to quality control, and track all the orders received by the warehouse.

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